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Sony Ericsson announces that they will allow the bootloaders for all new Xperia phones to be unlocked

Perhaps this little bit of info may take some of the steam out of GeoHot being so eager to jailbreak the Xperia Play. Sony Ericsson has announced that all new Xperia phones will be able to have their bootloaders unlocked in a secure and legal way to allow advanced developers access to all the good stuff inside.

When they say all new Xperia phones, they mean all including the Xperia Play, Arc and Neo. Interestingly enough though, this will only be possible on certain versions of the devices (according to Sony Ericsson) while others won’t be able to get unlocked such as devices that are SIM lock protected. The best way to check, according to Sony Ericsson, is to connect your new Xperia phone to the Android SDK and load up Fastboot. If it connects then your device can be unlocked.

For the full details on the announcement, head over to the Sony Ericsson post in their developer section, linked below. It’ll be really interesting to see what the development community can come up with for the Xperia Play. It’s great to see a company taking a step in the right direction with their devices.

Website Referenced: Sony Ericsson

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