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Tap Tap Revenge lands on the Android Market and comes with in-game purchasing.

Tap Tap Revenge has been waiting to come out on the Android platform for awhile now and thanks to Google actually having in-game purchasing go live today, Tap Tap Revenge (a.k.a Tap Tap Revenge 4 or TTR for short) is also now available for all you music-loving gamers out there who enjoy Guitar Hero style games.

Unlike most Guitar Hero style games that are currently available on Android, TTR offers up a huge selection of music for you to play the game with. According to the description, tracks are available from 100’s of artists. There are a lot of free songs available but there are also premium songs you can purchase thanks to Google’s in-game purchasing system that just went live.



  • Great graphics
  • A ton of music available, both free and paid
  • Lots of social features like Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Real-time global leaderboards
  • Battle other players online
  • Multiple difficulty levels to choose
  • Online Challenges
  • real-time chatting with other players


Tap Tap Revenge is a very popular game on other platforms, sporting a 15million+ player base which will obviously grow now that it’s available on Android. You’ll definitely won’t have any problems finding someone to battle in the online multiplayer mode. You can pick up Tap Tap Revenge off the Android Market for free.

Thanks to Maciej Benke for the tip as well!

Developer Website: Tapulous

Market Link: Tap Tap Revenge 4

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