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Sneak Peek: Infinite Dreams working on third installment of the Sky Force series. The Revolution is coming!

Infinite Dreams already has two Sky Force games out for both iOS and Android which comes with some pretty great features including evironment objects that can be destroyed, a mix of 2D/3D graphics and even little things like different weather. Both are vertical scrolling shooters in which you control your ship and blast enemies.

Well our friends over at Infinite Dreams gave us a heads-up that they are currently developing a third installment into the Sky Force series called Sky Force: Revolution!. While our friends didn’t go into too much detail, you can expect it to be better than it’s two older brothers. It will take full advanctage of high-end Android devices that use Tegra 2, PowerVR and Adreno GPU. Both Sky Force and Sky Force: Reloaded are great games themselves.

They did, however, send us over some art work to give everyone a bit of a sneak peak at Sky Force: Revolution! so without further delay on my part, enjoy the artwork. We’ll have more info about this game in the coming week for everyone.


You can pick up both Sky Force and Sky Force: Reloaded on the Android Market for $3.19. There are also Lite versions available for each should you want to try before you buy. On a side note, we are curious about the Octopus on top of the mountain in the art work.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

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