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Angry Birds Seasons to get Easter update, Original and Rio getting updates in May

Rovio has mentioned via Twitter that Angry Birds Seasons will be receiving an update for Easter. We can only imagine that there will be eggs or egg baskets and possibly pigs with rabbit ears to follow the Easter theme. The update should be out before Easter according to Rovio who also mentioned upcoming updates for Rio and Original versions as well.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio will apparently be receiving new updates in May which will most likely add new episodes to both games. This is great news for all you Angry Birds fanatics who have already finished every single level of all three games. You won’t have to wait long for more levels to play!

On a side note: We also noticed Rovio commenting that every game would will have access to the Mighty Eagle bird for purchase at some point. They also hinted at another possible addition but as of right now, they are being tight lipped about it.

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: Android Community

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