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Amazon’s Free App of the Day – April 12th: Pew Pew 2! Retro-shooter action at it’s finest.

Today’s free app/game on the Amazon App Store is actually a title that came out only a couple weeks ago and is the sequel to the very popular retro-style shooter called Pew Pew. Developed by Jean-François Geyelin, Pew Pew 2 is free on the Amazon App Store today for all you fans of games similar to Geometry Wars.

Featuring some great neon retro-style graphics, you’ll have to survive the onslaught of evil enemy shapes hell bent on your destruction in this multi-directional shooter. It comes with three different gameplay mode for you to choose depending on the type of gaming you feel like playing. The original Pew Pew was incredibly hard so the developer has added difficulty settings to Pew Pew 2 as well.


  • Play an arcade game with a retro look but a thoroughly modern feel
  • Choose 1 of 7 very different game modes
  • Savor the high frame rate and finely tuned gameplay
  • Celebrate your success online through leaderboards and replays
  • Lose yourself in the PewPew universe with the help of a sweet soundtrack
  • 3 Gameplay modes: Dodge This, Assault and Chromatic Conflict



In Dodge This you have to dodge all the enemies while collecting boxes on each stage. As you collect boxes, more enemies appear that you have to dodge. Assault is where you have to fight waves of enemies and Chromatic Conflict is where you have to destroy only those enemies that match the color of your ship.

Regular price for Pew Pew 2 is $2.99 but for today on the Amazon App Store it is free! There are a couple of thing to remember though before you play this game to ensure the best performance: 1) Make sure you have as many background apps shut off as possible and 2) if you have an Android device that can’t handle many touches on the touchscreen at once then use the virtual joysticks instead. By default they are setting as your starting controls.

Developer Website: Jean-François Geyelin

Amazon Market Link: Pew Pew 2

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