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PTDLock available on the Android Market. First rule of PTDLock is not to talk about PTDLock. We break rules.

PTDLock is available on the Android Market from Sam & Dan Games, developers of the highly popular Pokemon Tower Defense game that was recently released and even more recently taken off the Android Market by Google. PTDLock is a new game… or is it?  More information after the break!

The first rule of PTDLock is not to talk about PTDLock. The second rule of PTDLock is that you can’t play it without the code which unlocks it so that you can play it. PTDLock is listed as a test app on the Android Market with nothing but that as the description. Don’t know what PTDLock is? We’ve already mentioned it in this article! It’s a game a lot of people wanted and were happy to play but are sad now that it isn’t available.

The developers are requesting that people do not rate or review this on the market although people already have. You’ll need a code to play PTDLock and that code is “PTD” without the quotes. Figured it out yet? PTDLock is Pokemon Tower Defense. How long this will last on the Android Market is up in the air but it does have another home just in case it is taken off the Android Market pretty quickly. If you haven’t gotten this game yet, now might be a good time to do so just in case something happens.

Thanks Arron Kimbrell for the tip in the comments of the original article!

Developer Website: Sam & Dan Games

Market Link: PTDLock

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