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Amazon’s Free Game of the Day – April 13th: Solitaire Megapack

Today on the Amazon App Store is another free game but this time for people who enjoy card games, specifically Solitaire. In the Solitaire Megapack you’ll find over 100 different card games to play from the classics all the way to weird variants of Solitaire that you’ve probably never heard of. While not the most exciting game to play, it is great to kill time with.

All the controls are touchscreen of course and once you fire up Solitaire Megapack you’ll be able to choose what versions of Solitaire you want to play. It’ll even keep track of your play statistics and of course, like any good Solitaire game, you can pick the background for your deck of cards.


  • Access over 100 different card games like Klondike, Pyramid, Monte Carlo, Aces Up, and Yukon
  • Track your gaming stats–games played and won, best score, and average game time
  • Select the background and card designs of your choice
  • Hide game menu bar at any time for an unobstructed view
  • Watch your bank account increase each time you win



Unlike most Solitaire games though, as you win you earn money. There are all kinds of stats not just for your games played and win/lose but also average gameplay time as well as each game having their own unique attributes including luck, difficulty and game time.

Regular pricing for the Solitaire Megapack is $2.99 but today on the Amazon App Store it is free. If you like playing all kinds of Solitaire games, even if its only once in awhile, then you’ll want to check this out. Can’t go wrong with over 100 different types to choose from.

Developer Website: Tesseract Mobile Software

Amazon Market Link: Solitaire Megapack

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