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Pocket Legends update brings smoother user experience and new fart emotes. Pure win.

Spacetime Studios has released an update for their very popular cross-platform 3D MMORPG called Pocket Legends. In this update there was a fair amount of improvements and tweaks to the overall user experience to make things smoother including a new character creation screen which shows you what your character will look like in-game.

Also improved is the flow from when you launch the game to actually entering the world in-game. This will make it a bit more comfortable for new players to the game. Speaking of new players, you also now have a new tutorial to teach you the basics in-game as well to help get you started. User experience isn’t the only area that got improvements in this update but a lot of content has been added or revamped such as Oasis Towne with new healing pond and daily quests.

Of course we can’t forget about the new emote packs which include kiss, clap, point and backflip. There is also a new Fart emote pack which is just pure win right there. So if you play Pocket Legends you have a lot to look forward to with this new update that just went live. So what are you waiting for? Full list of changes in the update available below.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

Market Link: Pocket Legends


  • Updated New Player Experience! Improved player flow from application launch to entering the world, especially for new players.
  • New Character Creation! You now see your character as they will appear in game while creating your character. You are now allowed to select from a variety of faces and armor colors when creating a new character.
  • New Tutorial! The improved tutorial will better teach new players the basics of how to play Pocket Legends.
  • Added Emote Pack 3: Kiss, Back Flip, Clap, Point
  • Added Emote Pack 4: The FART PACK!
  • New Faces are now available for purchase at the Magic Mirror!
  • Oasis Towne has been completely revamped. Players can now walk into the Oasis pond and heal their health and mana! Daily quests have been added to receive additional Mystery Weapons, Armor, and Helmets.
  • Account Verification has been removed. You can now Purchase Platinum, access the Offer Wall, and Buy All Content without registering your account. Registering your account gives you the ability to log in on any supported device, and grants you access to Dark Forest for free.
  • A Global ability cool down timer has been added. Firing an ability causes all abilities to be on cool down for half a second.
  • Character deletion now requires the characters name be entered rather than just typing “delete”.
  • Players can now purchase a revive for full health at the position of death for 1 Platinum.
  • When turning in a quest to an NPC, if they have a new quest available it will be immediately offered.
  • Added new Balefort Sewers equipment set bonuses!
  • Vyxnaar Helmet of Hate has a new appearance
  • Joining games hosted by friends through your friend list now require a password if one has been set. Previously, you could join your friends’ password-protected games without giving a password.
  • Empty lines no longer appear in the crafting display

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