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Amazon’s Free Game of the Day – April 15th: Wordsmith. Great Scrabble-like game.

Like Scrabble-type games? Well you’re in luck today if you do because Amazon’s free app of the day today is a Scrabble-like game called Wordsmith. Actually for the most part it is Scrabble with a few variations to the gameplay and points. In fact you can really rack up the points in this game by Second Breakfast Studios.

You’ll be able to play against up to 3 other players in a game through multiplayer and if you are on the run or only have a few minutes to play at any particular time, you’ll be notified when you opponents take a turn through push notifications. You can also connect to Wordsmith through Facebook Connect for more social interaction.


  • Up to 4 players per game
  • Invite friends/random opponents
  • Push Notifications
  • Play up to 60 concurrent games
  • Facebook synching abilities
  • Score preview indicator
  • Constantly updated game statistics
  • Detailed player profiles
  • In-game chat



What’s really crazy is the fact you can play multiple games at the same time, up to 60 at once. Granted if you try to play 60 games at once you’ll have a great time getting confused. Word games are great to kill time with and thanks to how Wordsmith is set up, you’ll be able to kill an hour at a time or if you have 5 minutes to spare, you can take your turn and move on to what you need to get done.

Regular pricing for Wordsmith is $2.49 but today you can grab it for free off the Amazon App Store. It is also available on the Android Market at regular price should you not have access to the Amazon App Store. The Android Market also has a free version to try out before you buy the full version if you miss this little sale.

Developer Website: Second Breakfast Studios

Amazon Market Link: Wordsmith

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