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Square Enix launches another sports game onto Android. This time it is Big Hit Baseball.

Square Enix are starting to slowly but steadily release games onto the Android Market and their newest one, Big Hit Baseball, just launched for all the baseball game fans out there. While not the most hardcore, realistic baseball game available for Android, it seems pretty good if you enjoy getting a lot of runs easily and like casual sports games.

Featuring flick/swipe controls for pitching and batting and customizing options, Big Hit Baseball present sports fans a little of everything from reflex gaming to having your own name on a player. Graphically, Big Hit Baseball reminds us of the more old school sports games.


  • Swipe/flick controls
  • 20 Different teams to choose from across America & Japan
  • Multiple cup mode and showdowns to play
  • Achievements to earn
  • Customize your players with unique names



If you are looking for a Baseball game where you can feel like a pro player without having to exert a lot of effort, you might want to check this particular one out. It’s more fun than serious. There are two versions available on the Android Market, one that is free and supported by ads while the other is paid with no ads. Both are full versions though.

Now if only we could get Square Enix to release some of their other awesome RPG titles onto Android now that they have a few sports games under their belts.

Developer Website: Square Enix

Market Link: Big Hit Baseball

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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