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Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update has a lot more secret levels then you might think.

So with the coming of the Easter update for Angry Birds Seasons the other day also came news of an ‘alternative reality game’ featuring Angry Birds Seasons as well that will be launched soon. Interestingly enough, Rovio just mentioned via Twitter that there are a lot of secret levels to find in the Easter update.

However, Rovio will help you out! They plan to release a clue every day in-game to help players find all the Golden Eggs! There must be a lot of them in-game for the need to have clues posted in-game to come about. So how many in total are there? We aren’t sure and they are obviously going to be a lot harder to find than normally. Rovio did release a promo video regarding the Great Golden Egg hunt which we’ve included below and are currently scouring frame-by-frame for any hidden clues. Plus the red bird looks rather evil at the end of the video, enjoy!

Don’t forget to let us know when you find a Golden Egg! We will be keeping tabs in our Angry Birds Seasons Golden Egg guide.

Developer Website: Rovio

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