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E-Waste becomes a priority for Sprint, we hope others follow

Sprint and Earth 911 have teamed up to help deal with an environment burdened by electronic (as well as other) waste. The cellphone industry as well as the rest of disposable industries are no strangers to producing waste, with us replacing our devices every 6-12 months.

Earth-911’s application, iRecycle, has launched recently on the market to Android users, and will also come preloaded with the Sprint Replenish, a device focused on sustainability and recycling.


Phones like the Replenish, recently launched by Sprint are part of a bigger industry effort to be more environmentally conscious. Being available to all Android users out there, the app gives direct information about local recycling programs, such as date & time, as well as location of pick-up, along with what these programs will accept.


Now, so far Sprint has no comment on whether the app will be removable for users that wish to do so; the biggest question most gamers would ask. We’re awaiting a response as well on whether it will run in the background, as many preloaded apps do, sometimes affecting gaming on the device and its battery life.


Regardless of how many may feel about the preloaded nature of the application;  Sprint, and it’s Green ID package of phones have been designed with good intention, and backed by trusted information. Hopefully it will kick people past the edge, and finally recycle their old phones.


Developer Website: Earth911

Market Link: iRecycle

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