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Amazon Free Game of the Day – April 26th: Collapse! by Gamehouse.

Today’s free game on Amazon’s App Store will be a nice addition to anyone who enjoys playing the match-3 (or more) style of games. Collapse! by GameHouse is a match-3 game with some pretty good graphics, power-ups, a storyline with quests and customizing your hero…. wait what?

Collapse!, while being a match-3 game, also has RPG elements in it thanks to the Quest gameplay mode. You’ll also be able to customize your hero’s wardrobe along the way, or just keep the one you originally choose. If you want some quick action though instead of storylines, you have Quick Mode which actually has 7 different game styles within it to choose from.


  • Play Quest Mode or 7 different Quick Game modes
  • Clear out blocks fast with Special Blocks
  • Change your hero’s wardrobe
  • Earn stars, achievement trophies, and power-ups
  • Unlock secret levels



For whatever reason, Gamehouse decided to publish Collapse! through Real Networks Inc on the Amazon App Store instead of themselves which they did on the Android Market. Regular price for this great little time killer is $2.99 but today you can grab it for free off the Amazon App Store.

Developer Website: Gamehouse

Amazon Market Link: Collapse!

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