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Mid-Tuesday Humor: Huge shirtless man, possibly on speed, begging for PSN to come back online.

Once in awhile, on occasion, there is something completely unrelated to Android that we just feel is our civic duty to post about. As everyone knows, unless you are living under a rock, the Playstation Network has been down for a few days due to outside attacks on it. Here is one man’s plea to bring it back online.

Whatever the case may be, Sony has been pretty scare with the updates and vague as to what is going on. “Maintenence” is the general message being displayed although it is known that the Playstation network went under ‘attack’ from a hacker or two. While most people are seeing sunlight for the first time in possibly months or sitting in a corner rocking back and forth mumbling due to the downtime, one man has made a plea for gamers to ‘unhack’ the Playstation Network. Enjoy!

Good thing we don’t have to worry about that since we can play on our Android devices to tide us over. Just sayin’. I will say this video is still pretty awesome.

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