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Mobile version of the site now live! Took long enough right?

Lot’s of people have been asking us to come out with a more mobile friendly version of this site. Well the good news is, we finally have! Took us long enough right? While it is live right now, please consider this a late beta version as we still have a few more tweaks and things to add. So what is there now?

Well if you are viewing this post on the mobile version right now, you can pretty much see everything already. If not, here are some things included in the mobile version:

  • Disqus – Our comment system we use, Disqus, is integrated into the mobile version.
  • Images – Images that are static are sized specifically for mobile phones. It looks good on tablets too! We had to decide whether to use a solid measurement or percentage. Using percentage in the coding for the image sizes ended up making them look blurry on tablets due to them getting over-sized. Galleries work just like the normal site as well. Tap an image and it’ll expand for better viewing.
  • Videos – We’ve started using Youtube’s HTML5 embed codes. This let’s us resize the videos to fit your mobile device much better. Obviously I can’t go through every old article and change the embed coding to the new HTML5 embed code so if you see a giant video in an older article, that would be why.


Navigating the mobile site is pretty straightforward. It’s just the 4 links at the top with our new logo. To return to home, just tap on DroidGamers in the center. We will be adding a few more features over the next week which includes a bit more in-depth navigation. Overall though, we hope you like the mobile version of the site so far and expect it to get better over the next week as we add more features (don’t worry, we won’t over do it though).

We will also be mobilizing the forums and (hopefully) community blogs as well which will let you post on either from your Android device. Enjoy!

Please let us know if you find any bugs! If you have a features request, let us know that as well and we will try to make it happen!

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