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Amazon’s Free Game of the Day – May 2nd: Super Dynamite Fishing by HandyGames

This is certainly a good way to start off a new week. Amazon’s has quite the entertaining little game up today as their free game of the day. Super Dynamite Fishing is extreme fishing with a hilly billy twist to it. Developed by Handy Games, Super Dynamite Fishing is also pretty funny. Who wouldn’t like to fish with dynamite?

The whole point of the game is to sell blown-up fish parts for money in order to buy gifts for your woman that you are in love with, Rose. You’ll be able to upgrade your explosive fishing powers as you progress through the game and trying to win Rose’s heart.


  • Take fishin’ to the extreme with this explosive game for your Android device
  • Massacre as many fish as you can with bizarre incendiary devices
  • Pilot increasingly outrageous vessels on a variety of fishing grounds
  • Enjoy crazy achievements, daily quests, and wild high-score chases
  • Woo your sweetheart with gifts like laundromat tokens and rifles



If you follow Handy Games at all, you know that almost every game they put out is pretty good but not only that, they also offer a free full version of each game that is ad supported. This version is the ad-free paid version though so if you’ve been wanting to snag this game but without the ads, now is a perfect time to do just that. Super Dynamite Fishing is a pretty enjoyable time killer to get into. You can check out our full review of Super Dynamite Fishing as well for more info.

Developer Website: Handy Games

Amazon Market Link: Super Dynamite Fishing

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