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Angry Birds Rio to get it’s first update some time next week.

Through their Facebook page, Rovio has announced that we can all expect Angry Birds Rio to get it’s first update at some point next week. Originally, Rovio had hinted at an update coming to both Rio and regular Angry Birds this month so we may end up seeing a double shot of Angry Birds updates this month.

While Rovio didn’t go into any detail as to what will come with the update for Angry Birds Rio, you can expect the usual to be included which is generally one new episode with a bunch of levels, some new secrets to find (in this case Golden Pineapples) and whatever else they can sneak in there. Lately, Rovio has been really pushing the hidden things to find in-game as seen with the Easter update for Angry Birds Seasons which had so many hidden Golden Eggs that they were doing in-game clues to help people find them.

So mark it down on your calender Angry Birds fans, you can expect some more Rio goodness to land next week on Android. You can grab the ad-free version of Angry Birds Rio off the Amazon App Store for only $0.99.

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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