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Shadow Guardian available for Android. Only appearing on Gameloft live though.

One of our resident tipsters happened to notice yet another game now available for Android called Shadow Guardian. However, for whatever reason, it isn’t showing up on Gameloft’s website, just on Gameloft Live. This would be the Tomb Raider-style game but it has a bit more combat then Tomb Raider does.

A mixture between combat and exploring, Shadow Guardian is a pretty good looking games in terms of graphics and animations. The ability to use some dynamic moves that once in awhile will go into a sort of slow motion animation is something that more combat-focused gamers will enjoy. The whole point of the game though is to find a powerful missing relic that is also being hunted by a group of bad guys who want to use it to enslave the world.


Digging around on Gameloft’s website for versions of Shadow Guardian on other platforms turns up very little in the way of features or details regarding this games such as how many levels there are or weapons/skills you may get. One thing for sure though, it’ll follow their standard pricing of $4.99.

Thanks to Dave Loft for the tip!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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