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Spacetime Studios goes crazy, makes all limited time free content completely free forever instead!

Now that our server has decided to stop playing around, it is time for some great news from the crew over at Spacetime Studios regarding Pocket Legends. Recently they have been celebrating their 1yr birthday and one of the gifts to players was access to content that is normally premium content for free.

Well it seems that Spacetime Studios wants to go even crazier with everything and now all that content that was free for a limited time to celebrate Pocket Legends’ birthday, instead, will remain free forever! On top of that, the Sandstone Caves update has now gone live as well with a whole new Towne for anyone level 20-25. It also comes with new armor sets for you to collect.

Sandstone Caves:

  • Delve into the new Towne and numerous adventure areas.
  • Complete a series of quests as you explore.
  • Face new and unique monsters and Bosses.
  • Outfit your would-be miner with all new weapons, armor and items.
  • Three new and unique sets of armor for each class
  • Collect all the pieces to each set of armor and enjoy set bonuses
  • New and unique weapons, shields and off-hands
  • New vanity items


So what exactly is free content-wise now? A whole lot of areas actually and they can be accessed now without having to pay to get in.

  • Balefort Castle
  • Fathom Crypts
  • The Lost Expedition
  • The Ancient Swamps
  • Balefort Sewers
  • The Alien Oasis Trilogy


So if you haven’t gotten Pocket Legends yet or you have been taking a break for it. There are a lot of reasons now to get back into it! You can check out the huge gallery we have below for screenshots of the new Towne as well as some of the monsters, quest givers and armor sets!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios


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