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World of Midgard releasing more previews and information. Dragon mounts? You got it!

World of Midgard has been progressing pretty fast as of late if you take into account the recent wave of preview videos the development crew have been releasing. As they release these videos though, we can pick up on new information about the game and some of the unique units. Oh did we mention there would be Dragon mounts?

The latest video to be released from the World of Midgard development team happens to be showing off a rather wicked looking Dragon mount. Currently they are testing out the size of it to make sure it isn’t too big or small under your character. They look somewhat similar to the Dragon mounts found in World of Warcraft which is probably why I instantly wanted one after watching this video. They look pretty sweet so check out the video below.

Here is also another video showing off one of the rather unique units in the game, the Goblin Drummer. From what we understand, this will be a buff unit who will dish out buffs to party members and possibly healing as well. These guys remind me of those epic martial arts movies with the wooden fans on the troop’s backs, except without all the Goblin involved. Right after the Goblin Drummer video, you’ll be treated to another video showing off one of the monsters in-game called the DarkSniff Werewolf. The models for these guys are also pretty awesome.

Overall, World of Midgard seems to be coming along pretty well and is shaping up to be a solid MMORPG for Android and other mobile platforms. The more realistic graphics will appeal to people who have played games such as Guild Wars or other MMORPGs with similar style. Don’t forget, if you want to get into the Closed Beta, sign-ups are still open so you might want to go sign up now before it fills up.

Developer Website: World of Midgard

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