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Can’t wait for the official Teamspeak client to come to Android? Mangler has you covered.

Lots, and I mean lots, of people are waiting for the official Teamspeak client to drop on Android. Currently still in the early beta development stages (since we last checked), what is there to use on your Android phone as a substitute? Mangler has got you covered for now in that department.

Mangler is an open source VOIP project that has been going on for awhile now. It comes with the ability to connect to Ventrilo 3.0 servers as well. Almost all the functions found in Ventrilo 3.0 can be performed in Mangler but without the cost as Mangler is 100% free. The development team over at Mangler have now brought this awesome free service to Android via a client. This will allow you to connect to Ventrilo 3.0 servers through your Android phone should you feel the need to not want to wear a headset or talk with your friends while you are on the go.


  • View users in your channel in a separate tab
  • Phantom Support
  • Global chat
  • Push-to-Talk
    • On-screen button
    • Configurable hardware button
    • On-Screen PTT button can be set as a toggle button in preferences
    • PTT can be configured to vibrate when activated
  • Send and receive pages
  • Text-to-Speech (enable each in preferences) notifications:
    • User logs in or out
    • User joins or leaves your channel
    • You receive a page
  • Set volumes for specific users (use the phone’s hardware buttons for master volume control)
  • Optional full screen mode
  • Optionally prevent the phone from sleeping while connected
  • Admin Functionality
    • Kick users
    • Ban users (note: you cannot unban users from this client)
    • Move users to your channel
    • Globally mute a user



One cool thing about the team over at Mangler is that they have tested this with Cyanogen mod as well as normal Android phone. It is good to see developers making sure they can support some of the popular ROMs out there for Android. Currently, the only phones having any real issues with Mangler are Samsung phones. They seem to have intermittent transmission problems. Seems like for whatever reason, Samsung phones have issues with apps and games that most other Android phones do not.

So if you can’t wait for the official Teamspeak client to come out for Android, you can always grab Mangler right now off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Mangler

Website Referenced: TheDroidGuy

Android Market Link: Mangler for Android

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