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Angry Viking now available on the Android Market. Plenty of blood for everyone to enjoy!

At the end of January we mentioned that a game by Zaxis Games would be making it’s way to the Android platform very soon. Angry Vikings is a pretty big hit on iOS and now you can stop waiting for it to be available for Android. Why? Because you can now go to the Android Market and buy it, that’s why!

Angry Viking is one of the more bloody games available on the Android marketplace. The whole point of the game is to survive as long as you can as the Angry Viking, massacring villagers that come and attack you to try and stop your reign of killing. There is a generous amount of blood in this game for those of you who enjoy watch blood spatter every time you kill something.


  • Great 3D graphics similar in style to Samurai II: Vengeance (comic book 3D style)
  • Plenty of blood
  • Special moves and big combos
  • Different weapons, powers and moves to get



In the Android version, there are 2 new weapons, 2 new maps and 2 new moves for you to use which are not available in the iOS version, at least not right now. There happens to be plenty of action and mass murdering of villagers in Angry Viking which, if you enjoy swinging an axe and taking down enemy after enemy, you’ll definitely enjoy. You can pick up Angry Viking off the Android Market right now for $1.35. The developer already has Angry Viking 2 in the works for Android as well.

Developer Website: Zaxis Games

Android Market Link: Angry Viking

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