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Game Closure shows off Pop Star Defense at Google I/O 2011. Pure HTML5 gaming goodness.

Game Closure is at Google I/O 2011 this year over at the developer’s sandbox showing off their new pure HTML5 game called Pop Star Defense. You might find it odd that a browser game developer is at Google I/O but having been developed using HTML5, Pop Star Defense is playable on any mobile device through it’s browser.

The game is a tower defense game with a bit of a different theme than most of ones available. Your job in Pop Star Defense is to protect your band from undead Pop Star by using your fan units as defense towers. A bit twisted but it does put groupies to good use. The main attraction though is that it is developed using HTML5 so there is no coding that needs to be changed for it to run on any platform that can run a browser compatible with HTML5.


Currently, Pop Star Defense is being demoed at Google I/O 2011 and should be publicly available in the near future for all to play. Browser-based HTML5 games are going to become more and more plentiful as time passes. If you aren’t used to the concept, it might be time to try a couple out.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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