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Gamevil debuts Kami Retro for the Android platform at Google I/O. It’s about time it came to Android.

Gamevil just announced that they were setting up their booth over at Google I/O 2011 which will be featuring their other recent hit game for iOS called Kami Retro. This time, however, it won’t be seen on iOS but instead running on Android! This would mean it is on the way for us to play soon!

Announcing Kami Retro via their Twitter account, Gamevil has basically just let the car out of the bag and told us that it will be available on the Android Market soon. If you haven’t heard of Kami Retro, it is a cool little retro-style platformer game that also features elements of Lemmings-style gameplay. The graphics are very retro looking with lots of flashing bright colors.

It was rumored awhile back that Kami Retro would be landing on Android but after the rumor surfaced, there wasn’t any new information about when it would be available. Well now it looks like the wait is almost over! As soon as it is available, we will update this post with the Market link.

Developer Websites: Gamevil | PawPrint Games

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