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Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom review – A sim game where the AI can have a bit of an attitude.

Remember you childhood civilization games like Age of Mythology and Age of Empires, well prepare to have almost that exact same feeling again. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim almost brings back the long hours of building up your civilization at ludicrous speeds and then totally annihilating your enemy.

Title: Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim | Developer: Herocraft | Genre: Simulation | Players: 1 Player | Version: 1.8.3 | Size: 13MB | Price: Free (Lite) / $3.26 (Full)

Gameplay: First you choose your level, then you choose your difficulty, Pacifist (easy) Peacemaker (normal) Bloodthirsty (hard). Next you are taken to the level where you start off with a castle and a set amount of money. From there you build your civilization with different buildings like blacksmiths, marketplaces, guilds, etc.. Each building provides different benefits to your civilization. The main source of your warriors are guilds, your main source of money is the marketplace, and the blacksmith lets you get upgrades for armor and weapons for your soldiers.

Now comes the major key aspect of this game that sets it apart from others, you don’t control your soldiers. You control the buildings and where they are constructed and the upgrades that they acquire. You also control how many soldiers are hired from each building, but from there it’s all up to them what to do. They decide where they should wander, and which enemies to attack. You can try to give them direction with scouting markers and attack markers with certain gold values, which you can increase the value of them by increments of 100 gold. But ultimately the decision is up to them. This makes the game go at a slower pace for those who like to send out massive armies at once to destroy their enemies because they could build their army, but then you are unable to tell them what to do.

Graphics and sound: The game looks amazing and it scrolls smooth no matter how much action is on the screen. Even the mini-map is easy to understand and use. The game serenades you continuously with medieval style music while the sound effect tell you without words whats going on around where your screen is.

Controls: The controls are all touch screen with a few hand shortcuts in each corner that will help you throughout the game.

Overall: Overall I love this game, its fun to play and you can even setup your civilization, walk away to get a snack, and come back to find more completed than when you left. (which makes it great for when your boss or teacher walks by!)

Overall: 5/5


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