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Japanese tactical-rpg game, Disgaea, coming to Android and will be free!

Disgaea is a very popular, and sometimes labeled as the best, Japanese tactical-rpg series of games. Well the developers have decided to bring the Disgaea series to Android and will be available very soon on the Android Market. Even better, it will be made free for all to download and play.

While you probably won’t get the full Disgaea experience in the mobile version coming to Android, you will get your fair dose of it. According to the information available, the Android version will focus solely on Item World from the main game and will feature randomly generated dungeons which were originally used for upgrading weapons in the main game. Aside from that, Disgaea will play exact like the full main version of Disgaea in every other aspect.

Disgaea will be available May 16th on the Android Market and will be free to download. It will also feature in-game purchases as well which puts this into the Freemium category. The original series of Disgaea was available on the Nintendo DS and PSP.

Developer Website: Nippon Ichi

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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