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Nexus 3 to sport nVidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip? nVidia’s CEO teases us with hints.

During Google I/O 2011 which just finished, word came out that there would be a Nexus 3 coming out by the end of this year. Also, Android’s newest OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich, will also be coming out at around that time. Now we have nVidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, hinting that the Nexus 3 could also be quad-core.

All of this came to light during nVidia’s earnings call yesterday where Jen-Hsun Huang dropped a few hints about what could be happening near the end of this year. If you take everything into account including the timeline that Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus 3 are coming out, it is already easy to come to the conclusion that Ice Cream Sandwich will most likely come on the Nexus 3 when it is released. Also if you follow nVidia’s timeline as to when the Tegra 3 quad-core chip would become available, it was stated that we should start seeing devices drop with Tegra 3 chips in them near years end. Put that all together and the end of the year is starting to shape up to be fairly awesome already and it is only May!

Here is what Jen-Hsun Huang said during the earnings call yesterday:

“We’re working very closely with Google on Ice Cream Sandwich, and it’s a very important new generation of operating system based on starting from the Honeycomb base and I’m expecting it to be really terrific. And so we’re working very closely with the Google team, and Tegra will be surely be wonderful for Ice Cream when it comes.”

This was followed later with another hint:

“We’re really excited about the work that they’re doing on Ice Cream. And I can’t comment too much more other than that, but we’re working very closely with their teams on the Ice Cream Sandwich. And as all of these products — they will come to the market when they’re great, and I’m certainly expecting them to be great on this year.”

Obviously, take it with a grain of salt considering it is only hints being dropped at this time but the possibility is very real when looking at the timeline for everyone. This will probably piss some of you off considering some people dislike the fact that some of the games coming out are only playable on Tegra devices. Keep in mind though, that when a new version of something in technology comes out, generally prices drop for the previous versions. Eventually there will not be any single-core phones coming out or, if they do, it will be rare.

This is why we look at Android gaming in more of a PC gaming sense. Just like the PC where first the dual-core came out, it was the best for gaming at the time. Next came quad-core with dual-core becoming standard in almost every PC and laptop. Now quad-core is becoming the norm slowly. The same thing will happen with Android devices as well.

We know a lot of you are going to have opinions about this so guess what, it is sound off time! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Got to love the Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich logo Android and Me came up with.

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