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Gameloft releases preview of upcoming GTA-style game called 9mm. [NSFW]

If you haven’t gotten enough of a fix for GTA-style games from Gameloft, then you will be pleased to know that they are releasing another one, called 9mm, soon onto compatible Android devices. There are a few differences between 9mm and the Gangstar series, both of which are similar to GTA console games.

One big difference is the graphics. While Gangstar featured pretty good 3D graphics but with a less realistic feel to them, 9mm actually has more realistic graphics involved. However, 9mm seems to resemble the GTA series a lot more in terms of content and theme. There is plenty of drugs, gangs, money, sex and an hell of a lot of shooting. In 9mm though, it looks like you are more of a bad ass cop and not some rival gang member or grunt for the mob. You will even get to hold your gun sideways just to make sure you look like a bad ass.

The soundtrack, at least for the trailer, features Apathy with B-Real and Celph Titled (called Shoot First) which is always a bonus. Speaking of which, if you choose to watch this trailer be warned, it is definitely NSFW. If you like the GTA series of games then you will probably want this game. We will announce when it is released so stay tuned!

Developer Website: Gameloft

Website Referenced: Android and Me

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