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Hexage shows off a small preview of their upcoming new game. Free multiplayer RTS game?

Hexage just displayed a screenshot, via Twitter, of a game they are currently working on. Even though it was just a single screenshot, it already looks like it will be a great game. Hexage tend to release really great games on Android and this new one looks like it will be sporting that retro glowy graphical look similar to EVAC.

Unfortunately Hexage has released any information regarding this game, what type of game it is or anything else, not even a title. However, when looking at the URL of the screenshot, we see the name Robotek. Whether this is some sort of codename or the actually title of the game is still up in the air at this point.

We do know though that Hexage hinted back in December that their next game would be a free multiplayer game, similar in style to an RTS (real-time strategy) game, that would have a futuristic theme. From their Twitter account, Hexage has said that the game will be free with optional in-game purchases. Judging by the screenshot and the information released on Twitter, this could very well be that game. When we dig up more information, we will be sure to let everyone know!

Developer Website: Hexage

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