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NaturalMotion Games releases Backbreaker Footbal 2: Vengeance. This time you have to tackle.

Speaking of Backbreaker Football, NaturalMotion Games has just launched part two of the Backbreaker series. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance bring with it more hard hitting football action but this time, instead of being the one dodging tackles, you are the one doing the hard hitting. Time to dish out some punishment!

In the first Backbreaker Football game, your goal was to score as many touchdowns as you can by busting out some moves to dodge tackles coming at you while running to the end zone. In this second part, you are the one doing the tackling. This means you get to dish out the punishment instead of taking it. The tackling is now in-game thanks to the new Vengeance mode!


  • All new moves
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Enhanced showboating (nothing like rubbing salt in the wounds right?)
  • New obstacles
  • New Tackle Alley Waves
  • New Stadiums
  • Xperia Play optimized as well



Fans of the first game will see a whole lot of improvements and new features in Vengeance while people who haven’t played before will be greeted with some great gameplay. This is not a THD game which means you’ll be able to play this on any newer Android device. Expect a THD version to land soon just like the first Backbreaker Football. You can pick this game up off the Android Market for $2.99. Time to stop running like a little girl and time to start getting some hits in.

Thanks once again to Roger lyons for the tip. You’ve earned yourself a t-shirt for sending so many damn tips in during a single day.

Developer Website: NaturalMotion Games


Android Market Link: Backbreaker Football 2: Vengeance

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