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Official Jenga game now available. Play with your blocks in 3D but don’t let the tower fall!

If you ever enjoyed playing the actual physical game called Jenga, you will be happy to know that there is now an official version of the game available for your Android device. Wrapped in nice 3D graphics, Jenga was developed by the same team who made Backbreaker Football, NaturalMotion Games. Time to practice delicate touches on your Android phone.

NaturalMotion Games had to come up with some pretty awesome physics for a game like Jenga to be half decent. All physics done are real-time and each block movements affects the entire tower. of course, just like the real Jenga game, mess up and the tower falls and you will be crowned the loser of the game.


  • Realistic Physics
  • Touch Controls: You can tap and drag the blocks. You can also test the blocks to see if the tower will wobble.
  • Up to 4 player multiplayer Pass’n’play mode
  • Arcade mode: Match colors for extra points and gain multipliers for being fast



The creator of the original Jenga game was brought in to consult with the NaturalMotion Games developer team to make sure this official version of Jenga was as close to the real thing as possible. You can pick up Jenga off the Android Market for $3.99. Pretty solid game to try out if you enjoy puzzle games. This will run on all newer Android phones and is not a THD game although we are sure a version of it in THD will likely happen.

Thanks to Roger lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: NaturalMotion Games

Android Market Link: Jenga

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