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Amazon Free Game of the Day – May 23rd: Aces Bubble Popper, for all your bubble popping needs.

Amazon’s free game today on the Amazon App Store for Android is a bubble popping game called Aces Bubble Popper. This is your typical bubble popping game where you pop groups of three or more of the same color bubbles except there is a twist. There also happens to be three different game modes to mix things up a bit.

Regularly priced at $2.99, Aces Bubble Popper is a match-3 style of game that sports some pretty decent graphics and 3 different gameplay modes. You can also get combos and the bigger the combo, the more points you earn. What good bubble popping game would be without power-ups as well? There are a bunch of different power-ups to help you in your quest to pop a lot of bubbles.

Features and Power-ups:

  • Bomb: Cause mass destruction and obliterate all the bubbles within the blast radius
  • Bubble Gum: This special provides you with a random attack move
  • Bubble Swap: Give one random bubble color an identity crisis
  • Horizontal: Use this special to pop an entire row at once
  • Vertical: Pop an entire column with this special
  • Needles: X marks the spot
  • 3 different game types: Classic, Timed, and Super Action
  • Online Leaderboards: Personal, Daily, Weekly, and Overall
  • Fun and challenging mini-games in Super Action mode
  • Specials to earn extra points and pass levels faster
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels



For a match-3 type of game, there is actually a lot of gaming to be had which makes this being the free game of the day a pretty solid deal. However, be warned ahead of time, if you plan to play this on your Android tablet, the developer has noted that it is not compatible with all Android tablets. They don’t go into specific models though so it is hit or miss right now. You can pick Aces Bubble Popper up off the Amazon App Store for free today only.

Developer Website: Concrete Software

Amazon Market Link: Aces Bubble Popper

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