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Fallen Tree Games announces Quell will be coming to Android.

You may have seen this sort of puzzle included in other games such as in some of the levels in Aporkalypes. Quell is a sliding puzzle game that has been pretty well received on iOS and now the developers, Fallen Tree Games, are bringing it over to Android as well. Get your thinking caps on.

Quell is about sliding a raindrop around to collect all the gold rings in each stage in order to complete it. When you slide the raindrop in any particular direction, it will keep going until it encounters something in the way. This is where the challenge lies as you can’t just stop your little raindrop anywhere you want to make your life easy. You will have to figure out how to maneuver it around the board to collect the rings.


  • Over 70 levels to get that brain of yours thinking
  • Original soundtrack by Steven Cravis
  • Beautifully crafted puzzles in hi-res
  • A perfectly balanced learning curve
  • Uniquely soothing and meditative gameplay



Currently Quell is in the beta stage of development which means we should be seeing it released fairly soon. If you enjoy challenging puzzle games, you will probably want to check this one out when it is released. No word on exactly when that will be but we will make sure to let you all know when it lands on the market. Until then, here is a soothing trailer to watch in the meantime.

Developer Website: Fallen Tree Games


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