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Hidden Gem: Hyperlight by CatfishBlues Games for high powered Android devices.

About a week and a half ago a great little game deployed onto the Android Market called Hyperlight. Developed by CatfishBlues Games, Hyperlight was developed with high powered Android phones and tablets in mind, preferably dual-core (not mandatory) and the Xperia Play. This is a little gem in the market action game fans will like.

All your controls are based off the accelerometer so you will be tilting your device a lot. Attacking, dodging and moving are all a part of the tilt controls. Wrap those fairly unique controls with some great retro-style arcade graphics (using Unity3D) and you have got a great little addicting game.


  • Universal App: runs in HD on High Resolution devices!
  • Extremely innovative gameplay: tilt to move, attack and defend!
  • No complicated controls: use only the accelerometer to play
  • Stunning 2.5D neon-style graphics and animated backgrounds
  • High quality FX, particle effects, polytrails etc
  • Exciting techno/dance and rock musics
  • Arcade mode with 40 different levels
  • Infinity mode for an endless fun
  • Many different types of enemies and attack formations
  • 8 Challenging boss battles
  • 10 Special bonuses and destructive weapons
  • OpenFeint support
  • Local and Online highscores
  • 24 Achievements
  • Powered by Unity3D



While this game was developed for high-powered Android devices, it isn’t tied to just dual-core devices. Hyperlight is also optimized for the Xperia Play which means your high-end single-core Android phone or tablet should be able to play this game relatively fine as well. If you are looking for something new to try out in the Action/Arcade gaming genres, you might want to check out Hyperlight. You can download it off the Android Market for $1.41.

On a side note: The controls can be a bit weird depending on how you hold your device. Currently the developer is working on an alternative control set for a future update.

Developer Website: CatfishBlues Games

Android Market Link: Hyperlight

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