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Minecraft mobile to be officially called Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here’s a video.

One of the big things we are looking forward to is hitting up the Sony Ericsson event at E3 this year where Mojang and friends will be demonstrating and announcing (officially) Minecraft for the Xperia Play. This will be temporarily exclusive to the Xperia Play for a short period of time.

After that time period is up, it will be made available for other Android devices. However, while we drool on ourselves in excitement to get our grubby little hands on an Xperia Play at the Sony Ericsson event and get our Minecraft on, Mojang has released a video demonstrating Minecraft on the Xperia Play. So far from what we can see in the video, Minecraft Pocket Edition looks pretty awesome and will probably suck the life out of many Android gamers including us. Enjoy the video.

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