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This week (and a half) in World of Midgard: Even more bosses and even more videos.

Last week we saw a few videos which showcased some bosses and mobs that will be in World of Midgard, the 3D MMORPG coming to Android soon. Currently waiting for the closed beta to start, World of Midgard looks a lot like the more ‘realistic’ MMORPGs such as Guild Wars and RIFT.

We are a couple days late with ‘This week in World of Midgard New’ due to the quick re-design of the site and launching it. However, this just means more videos for you to watch, lucky you! However, we won’t post all of them here as they are all readily available over on World of Midgards YouTube channel. This past week and a half though saw four more boss videos show up and four more mob videos as well.

So without further delay on our part, here’s some of the more entertaining videos. Beta sign-ups are still happening. For more information, head over to the official game site, World of Midgard

Gnoll Archer mob – seriously dramatic death animations

Naga mob video – This is how they work out in their spare time

Vuck Troll boss video – Not to be confused with the Fuck Troll Boss

Spider King Cuuladh boss video – What happens when a spider and a beetle mate.

Roostoceros Despot Rilg boss video – Say that name 5 times fast. Also check out the undead mod in the background.

Skeleton Wizard mob video – Just cool

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