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Glu preparing to launch two new games onto Android: Eternity Warriors and Space City.

Glu, as of late, have been very busy developing and releasing new games for a variety of platforms including Android. Recently they just released Contract Killer and Big Time Gangster, both of which follow the Freemium business model. Now Glu is getting set to release two more titles this Summer.

Eternity Warriors

The first game will be a hack’n’slash dungeon crawler called Eternity Warriors. Moving away from the whole shooting people in the face theme, Eternity Warriors is a 3D dungeon crawler that uses the same engine that Gun Bros was made with. You will have an AI partner who will follow you around and help you stab people in the face instead or other areas of the body. The freemium business model is a very successful one to use and it has been kind to Glu which is why Eternity Warriors will also be Freemium. This means you will get the game in full for free with the option to buy items in-game for real money.

As you progress through Eternity Warriors, you will be able to find/unlock new weapons and armor to help you out with your monster slaying needs. Currency is a bit different in Eternity Warriors as well. As you chop your way through enemies, you will be collecting their souls which you then convert into the in-game currency. This currency you will use to buy new weapons and armor. There will be two types of currency, coins and gems. Some weapons and armor will cost coins while others will cost gems which is where your real money comes in. At launch there will be 48 weapons and 38 pieces of armor available.

There will be plenty of social elements in-game as well via the Tavern where you can connect through Facebook and invite friends to play. You will be able to earn extra coins when hooking up with buddies as well to help with getting better items in-game. This game will also eventually be connected to Glu’s upcoming Glu Games Network which will bring all the same real-time multiplayer features that are slated to be added to Gun Bros this Summer.

Space City

Glu’s second game that is currently being developed for multiple platforms, including Android, is a Sim City style game called Space City. As you probably guessed from the title, unlike Sim City, this game will be held in the future. Space City will be another 3D game from Glu and will be built using Unity3D. Considering the type of game this is, chances are this will also be a Freemium title.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of four available races to play as: Humans, Starling, Puggle or Dondee. All races have their own unique set of buildings and attributes so you will be able to pick whatever suits your playing style. After that it is a lot like any other time management/simulation game where you will have to harvest resources, build structures and grow your population. As your city grows, you will attract more tourists and make more money. You will have workers whom you can set a specific task to as well so if you want a building to be constructed faster, just add more workers to it.

As with any good Sim City style of game, you will have all the background animations you would expect to find in a PC/Console version of this type of game. Everything from people driving their hover cars to work to aliens flying around in jet packs. Just like most simulation games as well, you can zoom in to follow individuals as they travel through your city and follow what they are doing. There will be plenty of social features in Space City as well including being eventually able to visit your friend’s cities and build structures there that your friend might not have access to because they are a different race.

Glu plans to update Space City every two weeks with new content as well so this game will never get stale.

Release Dates

Both of these titles will be available this Summer. Eternity Warriors will launch sometime this July for all platforms while Space City will be released this July for iOS while the Android version will follow shortly after the iOS release. We will post an update when more information is available such as screenshots.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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