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Amazon free game today – June 1st: Pac-Man by Namco. Nom Nom Nom…

Today’s free game over at Amazon’s app store is a classic that pretty much every person that has ever touched a piece of technology has played. Pac-Man by Namco is free today and if you love this classic old school game like millions of other people do, getting it free for your Android phone is a nice bonus.

This mobile version of the arcade classic has all the features you would expect to find in it. Pac-man is a lot like Cher or Bob Barker, it just never gets old. The Android version of Pac-Man offers up two different control methods: Flick and Virtual Joystick. Let it be known that the virtual joystick is a much better option to use than the flick controls although it really depends on your playing style.


  • Play the arcade classic on your Android device
  • Enjoy an excellent emulation of the original game, including familiar audio and sound effects
  • Dodge ghosts and eat dots to get through each stage
  • Eat Power Pellets to weaken ghosts and fruits to get bonus points
  • Use one of two control schemes, including the new PAC-PAD



You really can’t go wrong with Pac-Man as a great killer of spare time. Today it is free on the Amazon App Store so it is a great time to go pick it up if you’ve been holding off due to the $4.99 price tag. After today though it will go back to it’s regular pricing so I wouldn’t wait too long to get it. A quick note to tablet users, it seems as though it will not scale properly on some, if not all, tablets. We can only speak in regards to the XOOM but this probably goes for all tablets. If you love Pac-Man though, this really won’t stop you from playing.

Nom Nom Nom…

Amazon Market Link: Pac-Man

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