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If you don’t like cutting ropes you can now Burn the Rope instead

Burn the Rope is a new game that just arrived on the Android platform where your goal is to find the most efficient way to, well, burn the rope. While this seems relatively easy, you will quickly learn that it is, in fact, not easy at all since the flames on the rope only move upwards, not downwards.

The goal of burning as much of the rope as you can is only made more interesting in future levels when you encounter bugs on the rope you are trying to burn. Each type of bug has a different reaction to the flames. An example of this is the ant who changes the color of the flame allowing you to burn the matching color of rope. Speaking of colored rope, you will also need to have the matching color of flame to burn a colored piece of rope.


  • Every day there is a new Puzzle of the Day!
  • Over 100 exciting levels!
  • Incredibly fun and addictive!
  • Unique controls!
  • Beautiful graphics and cool fire effects!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Fun for the whole family!



Burn the Rope is definitely an interesting game to play that will more than likely frustrate you at some point, in a good way though. However, there is only one place to get Burn the Rope, at least for now, and that is GetJar. GetJar has got thee exclusive launch of this game for right now. No word on whether this will land on the Android Market. You can pick Burn the Rope off GetJar right now for free which is always nice.

Developer Website: Big Blue Bubble

GetJar Link: Burn the Rope (Visit on your Android phone)

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