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Jelly Defense by Infinite Dreams enters beta testing. Getting ready for release onto Android

Infinite Dreams has a new game in the works called Jelly Defense. This will be the third installment in the ‘Jelly’ series of games with the previous two, Jelly Chronicles and Jelly Invaders, having seen good success on iOS. Jelly Defense though will also be landing on Android shortly.

Jelly Defense is a tower defense game that is shaping up to look like it will be pretty fun. The art is entertaining to look at and, judging from the promo art, looks to be in 3D. As with all tower defense games, you will have a variety of ‘towers’ available to use and upgrade in order to stop waves of evil jelly monsters from stealing your crystal. There isn’t a whole lot more information available at the time regarding how many levels there are, types of towers or anything else related to the gameplay. Of course if someone in the closed beta wants to enlighten us, we would be grateful.

Promo art for Jelly Defense

Since the game is in closed beta, a release shouldn’t be too far off. This is, of course, as long as everything goes well with the beta. Full press release below, after the pleasant little video, for your reading pleasure.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams


Gliwice, Poland – Infinite Dreams, award-winning mobile games publisher, revealed today the first information on “Jelly Defence” an upcoming game for iOS, Android and Mac OS platforms. The game currently enters beta testing phase and will soon hit the market!

“This is a very exciting moment for us. We are now in the process of testing Jelly Defence and preparing the game for release. We are very proud that over 100 fans and journalists participate in our closed beta tests and use their experience to improve the game. We hope our new amazing product will smash everything gamers have seen so far in the tower-defense genre!” – said Infinite Dreams CEO, Tomasz Kostrzewski.
This highly anticipated project will be the third game in the “Jelly” series. Previously released “Jelly Chronicles” and “Jelly Invaders” were created for promotional purposes only to announce the upcoming tower-defence game and familiarize gamers with the “Jelly” universe.

Jelly Defence will allow players to join Jelly forces and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Proper tactical skills and wisdom will be required to push back aggressors and save the Diploglobe – a planet inhabited by the Jellies.

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