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This week in World of Midgard news: Surprise! More boss videos!

This week in World of Midgard development news contains a few more videos. We have two videos of two more bosses in-game, which there seems to be a lot of although we aren’t complaining. We also have a walkthrough of another dungeon as well so sit back and relax and enjoy the videos.

Aside from just more content being developed, closed beta sign-ups are still open for a little while longer. If you haven’t signed up yet, you might want to do so before it fills up. E-mail invites for the beta will start landing in in-boxes July 11th. There is also a Wiki regarding World of Midgard should you want to do some reading up on it before getting into one of the closed beta rounds.

Dread Mage Hailstorm video – A pissed off Mr. Clean

Nekum Cannibal Khan boss video – Got to love the peaceful music that comes with swinging a large axe

Mine Dungeon Walkthrough video – Don’t get lost!

Black Wolfdog mob video – PUPPY!

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