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Amazon free game today – June 3rd: Office Jerk. Soothing workplace violence in the palm of your hands

Last week we reported on a game slated to be coming to Android called Office Jerk. In this game you are able to throw various items from around the office at your co-worker who, we are guessing, has angered you in some fashion. You could be just a violent person though and not have a reason.

Fashioned after other games such as Paper Toss, you will have to account for wind and angles when tossing various items at your co-worker. Speaking of items, there are plenty to choose from including cupcake and all the way up to a stapler.


  • Toss office supplies and more at your dorky coworker
  • Keep track of your current and best score on the desk pad
  • Make him mad by scoring a direct hit for humorous animations
  • Destroy his desk, knock over items, and wipe that smile off his face



Not only can you toss things at your co-worker, but you will be able to toss them at other objects like his computer should you feel the need to destroy a little property. Should you feel like just blowing everything up, you can always use the TNT. Office Jerk has seen a fair amount of success over on iOS and should probably garner the same results here on Android.

Currently it is an Amazon App Store exclusive launch so you won’t be able to get this on the Android Market just yet. Even better though, it is free today on the Amazon App Store. Should you miss the free day today, you can always buy it for $0.99 afterwards.

Developer Website: Fluik Entertainment

Amazon Market Link: Office Jerk

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