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Gameloft announces another game for Android called Silent Ops using a preview trailer

Gameloft has just basically announced another title coming to Android soon called Silent Ops. Instead of any sort of press release or general post about the game, Gameloft has decided to simply just release a preview trailer instead. This is a bit more of a theatrical trailer though.

So far, from the trailer, we have gotten a few points about the storyline and that the graphics should be pretty solid in this upcoming release. It looks like it will either be third-person or OTS (over-the-shoulder) viewpoint but it could also be a first-person shooter as well. The theme certainly would fit one but since this is more of a theatrical trailer, we can’t really know for sure. The quick and dirty description of the game:

“Two clandestine organizations. Three secret agents. A myriad of mysteries. Join the mission to uncover a plot that could change the very fate of humanity.”

In the trailer there is a lot of talks about people not surviving experiments so it is definitely around some biological themed goodness. There may very well be some zombies! Either way, enjoy the trailer below and as more information comes to light, we will keep all of you updated!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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