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More information about Desert Winds released including possible release time.

It has been awhile since we talked about this game by Southend but Desert Winds seems to be making the news again as more information has been released. Originally quickly previewed at CES 2011 and later we got to get a hands-on at GDC 2011, Desert Winds is a beautiful looking game.

A mix between Prince of Persia and the old Dragon’s Lair type of gaming, You have two sets of controls that you will switch back and forth from depending on what is going on. You will have one set during gameplay while another set of controls will automatically be switched into when you encounter monsters that you will have to fight. It seems as though Qualcomm has commissioned a 3 level version of the game that will come pre-loaded on select devices. After that, Southend has all the rights to sell more content for Desert Winds so we could see more content slowly make it’s way in-game

Until now though, Desert Winds has remained a tech demo shown at shows but with this new commission, it is actually turning into a full game albeit slowly. Patience is a virtue though. Originally Desert Winds has a minimum spec requirement of 1.5GHz Snapdragon with an Adreno 220 but new information has also let out that it will also be coming to the Xperia Play which only has an Adreno 205 in it. Still, you will need a higher end Android device to play this game.

The best news though is this: Desert Winds is slated to be released at some point this Summer. So the wait is almost over. Until then though, here is our hands-on video from GDC 2011 complete with terrible background music. Enjoy!

Website Referenced: PocketGamers

Developer Website: Southend

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