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Kairosoft drops another ‘Story’ game onto Android. Goodbye sweet spare time!

Kairosoft may be a very familiar name to you. It is a name that could be associated with two recent chunks of your spare time being sucked away into pixel oblivion. Well it seems as though they have come back hungry for a third helping of your free time with their new game, Grand Prix Story.

Similar to Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story in terms of gameplay, this new addition to the ‘Story’ series of games has you playing as the team manager of a racing team in the Grand Prix. Obviously your job is to become the best team out there by grabbing the best sponsors, developing car parts and winning races. Just like in the first two ‘Story’ games, you will have team members that you control and research that needs to be done.


All of this is wrapped up in their unique style of pixel art we generally enjoy. If you have played either of the first two games, you already know by now that you will lose a fair amount of any free time you thought you would have in the near future if you download this game. It is available right now on the Android Market for basically $5.00.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Android Market Link: Grand Prix Story

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