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Classic game Snake gets a Doodle version, now available on Android

iOS has been enjoying a ‘Doodle’ version of the classic game called Snake developed by Pixowl Inc called Doodle Grub. While the core the the game doesn’t stray too far from the original Snake game, the theme behind it is slightly different. You navigate your grub around each stage eating apples.

Just like the classic Snake game, the more apples you eat, the longer you grow. When you get nice and long, that is when the strategy comes into play as you will have to avoid some strange nasty looking enemies while you continue on your apple eating journey. If one of them hits your head, it’s game over.


  • Intuitive and responsive tilt controls
  • Open Feint enabled: track your achievements and check leaderboards, read news, compete against friends
  • Twitter and Facebook support
  • Same gameplay as on iOS devices



As mentioned in the features list, the gameplay is the same as on iOS and generally any other device that has some sort of Snake-like game. If you are looking for a bit of a different take on a classic game, Doodle Grub may be right up your alley. You can grab it off the Android Market for free. Go get your Grub on. Ironically, there isn’t a whole lot of ‘Doodle’ going on in the game.

Developer Website: Pixowl Inc

Android Market Link: Doodle Grub

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