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Glu Mobile released full 3D Freemium game called Bug Village onto Android.

Lately Glu Mobile have upped their game when it comes to games they are releasing on any mobile platform. Sporting more and more 3D graphics, unique gameplay and more Freemium titles, it is no surprise that their newest game, Bug Village, is a full Freemium game wrapped in 3D graphics… and bugs.

At it’s core, Bug Village is essentially a Sim City style game where you use your Ants and Bees to build your bug colony to attract other ‘playful bugs’. You have all the normal tasks you would find in this type of game to do such as constructing buildings, grow food and gather resources.


  • The first fully 3D casual city building game
  • Place new bug houses and decorations in the village and plant flowers in the garden
  • Interact with your Ants and Bees, help Ladybugs and shoo away the Stinky Bugs and Ant Lions
  • Feed your bugs cookies, cupcakes and other fun food items
  • Bug Village is free to play. Players can purchase additional Coins and Acorns (the in-game currency) for real money, or earn currency through special offers



If you are looking for a Farmville/Sim City type of game to play casually on your Android device, you will probably want to check this new game from Glu Mobile out. Considering it is a Freemium title, it is available on the Android Market for free. Even though you can always play this game without dropping a cent, most people who play Freemium games know that sometimes a couple of dollars can give you some great perks.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: Bug Village

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