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This week in World of Midgard: Time to catch up,more videos and official beta start date

Well there have been plenty of new additions to the videos that World of Midgard developers release to show off new mobs and bosses that will be in this MMORPG for Android. We missed last weeks round-up so here is everything new about all things World of Midgard from last week till now.

We have more videos! Shocking I know. There are two more mob videos, two more new boss videos and a new dungeon walkthrough as well. Judging from everything we have seen up till now, there certainly won’t be a lack of content in World of Midgard. Also, regarding the upcoming closed beta, the official start date is July 11th, 2011. This is of course tentative and could change if something major happens that would delay it, but that seems unlikely. If you haven’t signed up yet, it would be good to do so as even though the first and second waves of the closed beta are full, you can still get in on future ones after that.

So without further delay on my part, here are the new videos for World of Midgard. Enjoy!

Developer Website: World of Midgard

Goblin Archer/Stone Thrower mob video – Still busting out the dramatic death flips

Glaggen mob video- The first mob so far to make us go “wtf?”

Ice Golem Shaker Gooirat Boss video – The Thing’s slightly angrier cousin

Lorm Slimyr Big Foot boss – What will come after you if you eat Escargot.

SpiralTower Dungeon video – This will be the 1st dungeon players will encounter and will contain only one boss. This will also be the 1st expert dungeon for players who have max level. Think of expert dungeons like the Heroic ones from World of Warcraft

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