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Addictive iOS game, Burn the Rope, finally lands on Android.

A couple of weeks or so ago we talked about a game coming to Android from developers Big Blue Bubble. Well they have finally released their popular and fairly addictive iOS title, Burn the Rope, onto the Android Market today. Be warned, it’s pretty addicting.

The goal of the game is to burn as much rope in each stage. While this may seem easy, the challenge comes in that your fire can only burn upwards. This means you’ll have to turn your device and guide your fire to, hopefully, burn enough rope to pass each stage. There happens to be colored rope as well which can only be burned by matching colored flames. If that wasn’t enough though, further into the game, you’ll have critters on your rope to deal with that effect the flame when it comes into contact with them.


• 112 exciting levels with more coming soon!
• Incredibly fun and addictive!
• Unique controls!
• Beautiful graphics and cool fire effects!
• Easy to learn, hard to master!
• Fun for the whole family!

If you like unique puzzle games that break away from the normal, then you might want to check out this one. It is fairly addictive though so be aware that you may end up losing any future free time you thought you may have. You can grab Burn the Rope off the Android market for free!

Developer Website: Big Blue Buddle

Website Referenced: AndroidPolice

Android Market Link: Burn the Rope

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