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Arma 2: Firing Range bringing high-powered weaponry to Android this Summer

Game development studio Bohemia Interactive have been developing a series of games under the name Arma for awhile now for the PC. Their newest endeavor, named Arma 2: Firing Range, is not only going to be PC-based but available on Android as well this Summer.

In it’s truest form it is a firing range game, which is fairly obvious from the title, but where this differs from the few other firing range games on Android is the quality. Using a military theme, you will be able to try out all kinds of guns that are used in the military but going further then that, you can compete against other players, get on the leaderboard and unlock achievements with this game.


  • Pick a gun and examine it in an interactive 3D preview and check out the specs of the gun. Of course you can just jump right in and try it out.
  • Variety of highly detailed firing ranges to choose from, each with different gameplay modes
  • Compete against other players for spots on the global online leaderboards
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Huge array of weapons to check out and try
  • Specialty weapons coming soon like sniper rifles and grenade launchers
  • Realistic weapons optics
  • Realistic looking weapons and environments and sounds
  • Two sets of controls



This is about as complete of a firing range type of game you can get. Anyone who is into guns or military games will definitely want to check this out when it drops. You will also be competing on the leaderboard with people from other platforms as well since this will also be released on PC and iOS. Arma 2: Firing Range is expected to land on Android sometime this Summer. You’ll see in the trailer that this is also powered by Tegra which could mean this may end up being exclusive to Android Tegra 2 devices. We will get confirmation on this. The video also shows an ETA of June 2011 so this may land in our laps a lot sooner than we think.

Developer Website: Arma 2: Firing Range

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